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Today (May 29, 2013) marks the six-month anniversary of my mother's passing.  I know, it's a little unconventional to begin a blog with this news.  Since she has been on my mind all day today (as she is most everyday) I write this first blog in her memory. 

My mother was a pack rat - terrific fodder for a professional organizer.

Born in 1920, she lived through The Great Depression, and I am convinced her life was guided every day by that historic period.  Nothing went to waste and nothing was thrown out that couldn't be used once again in some way.  Just the other other day, as my sister and I were at her house continuing the daunting task of cleaning out and deciding what to do with - all  - that -  stuff, we found plenty of examples of her no-waste policy.  Buttons, with a stray garter belt clip thrown in, were stored in glass boullion cube jars, a ceramic vase gracing the dining room table held ribbons and artificial flowers from baptism and bridal shower favors, and an already-used-and-rinsed plastic sandwich bag housed cut-out Box Tops for Education. (My sons are 22 and 25; my nephew is 18.)  My favorite, though, was finding plastic, disposable spoons wrapped in a green plastic band that was originally used to bundle a head of escarole. I know this because the word escarole was imprinted all around the green band. It was good for a laugh; it was good for a cry.

Reduce, re-use, recycle.  My mother was ahead of her time.

I miss you, Mom.  Rest in peace.