How to Switch Your Purses Quickly

Ladies, this one’s for you.

We love our handbags, don’t we? It’s the accessory that finishes any outfit. The outside of the bag probably looks great, but what about the inside? Do you have lots of little items rolling around the bottom of your bag? Coins? Lipstick? Receipts? Do you find yourself dumping everything out because you need to rummage through it all to find just one thing? If this sounds familiar, your purse could use a makeover.

Organizing from the Inside

The inside of your bag should be treated like any other organized space. Everything in it should have a place to call home and be easy to retrieve. With a good organizing system in place, you’ll be able to switch handbags in no time. Say goodbye to loose items floating in the big black hole known as the bottom of your bag. Best of all, you won’t waste any precious time looking for anything when everything is exactly where it should be. It will be so easy to switch out your purses, you’ll be able to use more of them more often. 

The key to switching purses quickly depends on what organizing tools you’re using to carry all your essentials.  A purse organizer may be a good option. It can be a one-and-done solution. With compartments large and small, open and zipped, it’s a good bet that you’ll be able to find a place for everything. Of course, these organizers are not one-size-fits all, so you’ll need to find one that fits into your favorite bag. Hopefully it will fit into others as well to offer a quick and easy method of switching from one purse to another.

My preferred method of purse organization is to use pouches. I recycled a freebie that I received long ago at a department store makeup counter. It fits into just about every pocketbook I carry. (We’re not talking about clutches or evening bags, here.) Big box merchandize retailers have lots of styles and colors to choose from, so you can put as much personality inside your bag as outside. Clear or mesh pouches will certainly turn your purse organizing efforts up a notch.

Sort, Purge, Pouch

To begin your own handbag organizing exploration, first, empty out the contents. Just what are you carrying around with you day in and day out? Sort it all into categories: makeup, first-aid, snacks and any other categories that emerge. You’ll most likely find a few lingering items like used tissues, gum wrappers, or expired coupons. Get those into the trash, pronto. Back to the categories, ask yourself if you truly need all of it in your purse. Re-locate anything that doesn’t need to travel with you daily. Once your categories are determined, you’ll know what size pouches will work best and how many you’ll need. Fill each pouch according to your categories and fit them into your bag. You may need to play with the placement a little to get a good fit.

When you’re ready to switch purses, moving pouches from one bag to another will be a piece of cake (which does not belong in your purse.)