Organize a Spontaneous Summer Party

Organize a spontaneous party? Sounds contradictory, right? Nope.

When get-togethers are planned at the last minute, my friends often marvel at how much fun the spontaneity adds to the gathering. Usually, it’s a very casual affair. With so little time to prepare, there’s no fussy menu or entertaining to worry about. The focus is on the people we love to be with. The mood is upbeat and happy, adding to the charm of the imperfect plan. These spontaneous get-togethers truly are some of the best times to spend with friends and family.

The summer is a great season for hosting a last-minute gathering. Schedules are typically more relaxed making this type of impromptu occasion doable. The good news, there’s still plenty of summer left, so let’s get the party started!

Use Your Everyday Items

You may already have much of what’s needed in the way of supplies. Don’t worry if you have a stash of mismatched plates and cups. Go ahead and use them. Got leftover ribbon? Tie it around terra cotta pots or other planters, or mason jars filled with utensils and kick up the cute factor a notch. Check out what you have in your cupboards that can be repurposed as serving pieces. Pair a bowl and wine glass to serve chips and dip. Transform cutting boards into serving platters for appetizers and set out a colander as a fruit bowl. Place a single bloom or herbs in simple glass jars, and voila, your table is set.

Stock the Party Cabinet

Of course, you can be prepared in other ways. Lots of my clients are enthusiastic entertainers, and their party cabinets are stocked with the basics. It’s so easy to prepare for guests in a flash when all the party supplies are grouped together and stored in one area. All it takes is a little bit of dedicated space to house party provisions. A single shelf or a bin will do. Stock a supply of favorite plates, cups and utensils, either disposable or non-disposable, in a color palette or pattern that can be used for any occasion throughout the year. The dollar store is a treasure trove of inexpensive entertainment and partyware. Pieces that are budget-friendly and easy to clean are the way to go for party after party.

Want to keep the ambience going? Keep a few candles in the freezer. Cold wax burns slowly and drips less, so you won’t be stuck with a post-party waxy mess.

No need to stock a full bar. Sangria is a summer favorite and is quick and easy to put together. Mix your favorite wine and flavored seltzer and add some fresh fruit for a refreshing seasonal drink. And don’t fret about a fancy dessert. Ice cream is the perfect summertime sweet ending.

The Quickie Clean

You might be concerned about having to clean your entire house before guests arrive. And with such short notice, it might be enough to call the whole thing off. Instead, concentrate on one important area-the bathroom. Vacuum hair from the floor, clear the counter and give everything a wipe down with disinfectant wipes. A supply of toilet paper and a fresh towel will complete that chore in a jiffy.

Your guests will be here any minute. Time to crank the tunes and turn up the last minute fun!