Making the Bathroom

In this Making Room blog post we’re Making Room…in the Bathroom. The bathroom may notoriously be the smallest room in the house, and even if there is more than one, it needs to deliver in a big way. You may need to be a bit more inventive in maximizing space and creating storage solutions to take advantage of all this room has to offer.

Besides the obvious, what’s going on in the bathroom? Is it the place for applying makeup and personal grooming? Is it prescription central? As with any other room, how it should function for you needs to be defined so that it can be outfitted properly. With that in mind, think about what needs to be stored in the bathroom to support the room’s function. Once the categories of activity are determined, you can go about the sorting and purging process, and when that’s done, you will see just what does need to be stored there.

Safety First

A few notes on sorting and purging particular products.  A general rule of thumb is to get rid of expired medications. The expiration date on medications is required by law and is the manufacturer’s guarantee of the drug’s full potency and safety. If you have any doubt about the drug’s continued effectiveness, it’s best to consult a pharmacist.  One of the safest ways to dispose unwanted or unused medications is through medicine take-back options. Check within your own community for these services found at participating pharmacies, police stations and periodic public events.

Ladies, are you using expired make up? This is another category where shelf life should not be ignored. While many lotions and potions can last a year or longer, eye products should be replaced more regularly, every three to six months. There’s no sense in keeping these products at the risk of skin or eye irritations. Got new products to dispose? A local shelter or group like The Beauty Bus might be good options for donations.

Put Organizing Tools to Work

You sorted and purged. Now, where to put it all? If your vanity can do an adequate job of housing all the essentials, maximize every inch of that space. Use drawer dividers, which can be as simple as small boxes, to define and corral each category. An under-the-sink organizer does wonders, too. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit that sometimes-awkward space. Check out hair appliance caddies that can be mounted to cabinet doors. Some have heat-resistant features that allow a safe cool down.

The walls of the bathroom may be the most under-utilized in the house, so put them to work. Open shelving is good option to house essentials and offers the chance to have fun with your decor. If you’re storing towels here for instance, it’s best to keep them in a basket or container protected from the spray of the flushed toilet. This goes for anything in close proximity. Unpleasant to think about for sure.

Think out of the box, too. An over the door shoe organizer just may give you the added storage necessary for hair accessories or first-aid supplies, and each family member can own multiple pockets. Don’t neglect the area above the doorway, either. It can be the perfect spot for a simple shelf to stow away extra rolls of toilet paper or boxes of tissues.

The bathroom may be small, but it’s mighty when it comes to storing life’s little necessities.

Photo by Phebe Tan on Unsplash