Take Command with a Family Command Center

Back to school.  Back to work.  Back to appointments.  Back to practices and games.  Back to fundraisers.  Back to field trips.  How will you keep it all straight?  A Family Command Center can hold all in the information your family needs to know and go.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

10 Tips to Create a Family Command Center

  1. Choose an area of the house that is easily accessible to all family members. A high traffic area, the ‘drop spot’, a kitchen counter, family room bookcase, entryway or home office desk are all good options.

  2. An area with vertical/wall space is a good spot and helps to keep a counter or desk free of clutter. Use this space to mount file pockets, corkboard and/or hooks.

  3. Determine what information will be stored in the Family Command Center to plan accordingly for space and supplies. Will there be space for take-out menus, charging devices, shopping lists or sorting mail?

  4. Choose multi-function items like a shelf unit with hooks, or a chalkboard/corkboard combination to capture all the functions you need.

  5. A calendar is a must for a busy family. Try a dry-erase version.

  6. Designate a color for each family member and color-code all notes and folders.

  7. Be creative! Folders and labels come in all sorts of colors, patterns and styles. Incorporate a fun fabric to match the décor or add a framed inspirational quote or favorite family saying.

  8. Keep an inventory of needed supplies on hand like markers, labels, pushpins, etc. so that there’ll never be a lull in the action.

  9. Keep each displayed item fully visible with room in between each to make it visually calming and be sure to edit so that the most current items are available.

  10. This is your space! It doesn't need to be elaborate or costly. As long as it suits your family's needs, it's perfect.

If you like the idea of creating a Family Command Center and don't quite know how to start or would like more hands-on help, contact me at nancy@everydayorganiing.net.

(photo courtesy of Pinterest)