One Simple Change

I moved my coffee maker from one counter to another.   That one simple change, I realized, has just yielded me about six additional (free!) hours a year.  That's quite a return on this seemingly unimportant, barely noticeable investment in kitchen counter real estate. 

How, you ask? 

Well, in its former position, gathering the all-important eye-opening supplies and collecting the milk and sugar to accompany my morning Joe took only about a minute of my time. With the coffee maker relocation, the time spent dedicated to my morning routine has been slashed in half. Collectively these minutes add up to a whole lot of time savings. (As a bonus, if I counted the number of steps I took before tasting that first sip of coffee or dashing out the door with my travel mug, I could easily add 30 to 40 steps to the daily pedometer reading. That's over 10,000 steps in a year-or the number equal to the daily recommended number of steps!) 

What could you do with six hours a year?  Broken down to 30 minutes a month, what are the possibilities: get a manicure, organize a junk drawer, catch up with friend?  How many times have you thought, if only I had 30 minutes to myself...

I know what you're thinking - this sounds a little far fetched.   Maybe, but the point is, one simple change has the potential to make a significant difference in anything you do in your life.  Whether it has to do with where you store items, how you approach a task or how much time you spend on any particular thing, it's worth taking a step back and looking at how different things would be by making one simple change.

Coffee, anyone?