Morning Walk

Every day, during my morning walk, and after my daily prayers are done, my mind is wide open to the random thoughts that come pouring in. Sometimes a song will arrive and get stuck. Like the needle on the record (for those of you old enough to know what I’m talking about, thank you) the few catchy lines of the song repeat over and over – until a new random thought arrives to kick the lyrics to the curb. Sometimes, something I see or hear triggers a connection to an organizing theme and provides the subject and fodder of an upcoming newsletter or blog. Sometimes that inspiration is a gift, sometimes I need to look for it.

Almost anything will do. A robin may be popping around a yard followed by another, Simon Says style. The cacophony of conversations among the treetops, when I really focus on that sound and truly listen, can be deafening in what I would otherwise enjoy as a quiet morning in the neighborhood. Landscapes have been transformed as dozens of trees have been cut down in the aftermath of the Nor’easter barrage. Still other trees are swaying and creaking, sounding their warning.

This early morning ritual sets the tone for the day. The day feels full of possibility; there is so much time stretched out before me to get oh-so-many things done. It checks a lot of boxes, too, accomplishing something first thing in the morning, getting some exercise in, and offering time for myself.

I observe the routines of others-dog walkers, kids waiting for the school bus and a group of parents hovering and chatting nearby. Still others are out working in their yards taking advantage of the cooler temperature of the day. They all, like I, have their daily routines and we are woven into each other’s.

Random thoughts on my morning walk.