I Bought Tomato Juice

With energy-sapping heat and soaring (and searing) temperatures, summer is definitely in full swing, and thoughts easily turn to summer vacation.  What do you do differently, what habits do you create or how do you re-organize your thoughts and routines for the current season?  I bought tomato juice.

I don't know when it happened or how or why, but tomato juice became my go-to breakfast beverage of choice when on vacation.  Sure, for a mere 99 cents each, I could have this veggie concoction in my refrigerator all year long, yet it's been reserved as a special treat, to be enjoyed thoroughly only while on vacation. I know, it's sounds nuts. When I place my order for a small glass of tomato juice that first day of vacation, I (look forward to) endure the good-natured teasing, head-shaking and mock mocking from my family reminding us all that it's official - certainly we are now on vacation because Mom is drinking tomato juice.

Tomato juice is my mind's re-organization into relaxation mode, stress-free zone and Calgon-take-me-away time.  What's yours?