Falling Behind

This weekend, those of us who live on the East Coast turned our clocks back one hour.  Good-bye daylight savings. We'll be plunged into darkness in no time.  It will be dark when we wake up and head out to work, and it will be dark when we return home from work. 

The trick to remembering which way the clock needs to tick is to apply the seasonal saying 'Spring Ahead, Fall Behind'.  Well, it's the Fall and we have now officially fallen behind.  As I am sure we are all grateful for the extra hour of sleep, it got me thinking, how many things do we feel we are falling behind? 

Here are a few examples. We're falling behind on the laundry, falling behind on reading the mail, falling behind on that project at work (it's due WHEN?), falling behind on our exercise routine, falling behind paying our bills...you get the picture.  Certainly, we can put good organizational systems in place to help us keep up and ahead of the game, and what kind of Professional Organizer would I be if I did not mention this?  Yes, there is an organized way to do laundry.  In a nutshell, one day each week can be assigned to one family member's laundry.  Family member #1: Wash, dry, fold, put away.  Family member #2:  Wash, dry, fold, put away - and so on.  Setting aside a few minutes at the same time each day to sort and review the day's mail eliminates the paper piles that become overwhelming in short order, and supports other systems to help get things done on time, like paying bills.  Likewise, putting ourselves on our own calendars to make sure we get our necessary exercise, whether taking a walk or scheduling time at the gym, is good for us in more ways than we can count.  Again, you get the picture.

Still, we can't help sometimes feeling that we're racing against the clock and falling behind on just about everything we need to do.  And it's doesn't help to be reminded at this time of year that the holiday season is right around the corner. Retail stores are lit up like Christmas trees, literally, by the time Halloween rolls around, and our favorite seasonal tunes replace TV commercial jingles. Didn't the kids just go back to school, and didn't we just wash, dry, fold and put away the beach towels?  To make matters a bit worse, I heard a rumor that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day this year, and oh by the way, Thanksgiving is late this year, shrinking the amount of time we have to do our holiday shopping and fit in the merrymaking.  We're falling behind before we even get the chance to begin. 

Yet, we all somehow seem to get it all done.  Maybe we do adhere to our carefully planned and dutifully obeyed organizing systems, maybe we get it done by the light of the midnight oil.  But don't worry, daylight savings time is only four months away.

And lest you think you may be alone in falling behind, I discovered while preparing to publish this blog entry that I had not hit the 'post' button to publish the previous blog written.  I've fallen behind.