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Take Command with a Family Command Center
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Take Command with a Family Command Center

Back to school.  Back to work.  Back to appointments.  Back to practices and games.  Back to fundraisers.  Back to field trips.  How will you keep it all straight?  A Family Command Center can hold all in the information your family needs to know and go.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

10 Tips to Create a Family Command Center

  1. Choose an area of the house that is easily accessible to all family members.  A high traffic area, the ‘drop spot’, a kitchen counter, family room bookcase, entryway or home office desk are all good options.

What time is it?

These were words never spoken during a recent vacation shared with my husband - a vacation away from clocks, schedules, things that had to be done and at a certain time.  It was freeing, liberating.  Time took on new meaning and was meaningless.  We responded only to our desires of the moment.  When we were sleepy, we slept; when we were hungry we ate, when we were well-rested, we awoke; when we wanted more ice cream, we got more ice cream. What more could we ask for in a vacation?

Practicing What I Preach

It had to be done.  I knew it.  It was the right thing to do.  It’s what I would have advised someone else to do.  Get rid of them.
My most favorite boots, and dare I say my most favorite footwear had to go.  They had ripped,although I don’t know when or under what circumstances it happened, and they no longer held the value they once had. Truth be told, I purchased these beauties as a result of returning another pair I had received as a gift. So often in the past I have kept a gift just because it was a gift or I didn’t want to be ‘caught’ not wearing/using/displaying it.

One Simple Change

I moved my coffee maker from one counter to another.   That one simple change, I realized, has just yielded me about six additional (free!) hours a year.  That's quite a return on this seemingly unimportant, barely noticeable investment in kitchen counter real estate. 
How, you ask? 
Well, in its former position, gathering the all-important eye-opening supplies and collecting the milk and sugar to accompany my morning Joe took only about a minute of my time.

Soup's On

The weather this winter has been one for the record books, hasn't it?  Each week has offered multiple storms and weather systems, one meteorologically (is that a word?) more complex than the other.  I heard in one recent news report that there was snow somewhere in each state in the country with the exception of Hawaii.  I've had it with the snow, ice, freezing temperatures, lousy driving conditions and winter weather advisories.
And yet, this is the perfect weather for soup.

Lost and Found

I really do need to thank my husband for being the inspiration behind this blog post.  Even professional organizers live with disorganized people, and despite best efforts, from time to time, thing go awry.  Sometimes, the car keys mysteriously disappear.  Sometimes, the phone isn't 'where I left it', and let's not even discuss what happened to the remote control. This one, though, takes the cake.
One recent (previous-to-this-lost-and-found episode) delightful Saturday morning, as I sat in front of the window, sipping my first cup of coffee (always the best one of the day) and flipping through a magazine, I could see my husband moving quickly from one room to another.

Falling Behind

This weekend, those of us who live on the East Coast turned our clocks back one hour.  Good-bye daylight savings. We'll be plunged into darkness in no time.  It will be dark when we wake up and head out to work, and it will be dark when we return home from work. 
The trick to remembering which way the clock needs to tick is to apply the seasonal saying 'Spring Ahead, Fall Behind'.  Well, it's the Fall and we have now officially fallen behind.  As I am sure we are all grateful for the extra hour of sleep, it got me thinking, how many things do we feel we are falling behind?

Homecoming Weekend

Labor Day weekend is one of those bittersweet times of the year.  Time to say good-bye to summer, good-bye to warm weather, good-bye to long, lazy days, good-bye to weekends at the beach, good-bye to feeling the freshly-cut grass under our bare feet.  Good-bye perhaps to a newly-minted college freshman?
Where did the summer go?
Time to say hello to schedules, hello to routines, hello to new teachers, hello to all those projects we now have the energy to tackle, hello to the anticipation of crisp fall air.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's not Christmas, it's not Hannukah - it's Back to School time!  Do you remember the Staples commercial that played this favorite seasonal tune in the background?  Two children stood in the center of the school supplies aisle looking forlorn, shoulders slumped, in total disbelief and perhaps disgust, at the parents kicking up their heels and practically doing kartwheels throughout the office supply store. The shopping cart was happily being filled with pencils, paper, markers and enough supplies to keep the busiest student stocked all school year long.

I Bought Tomato Juice

With energy-sapping heat and soaring (and searing) temperatures, summer is definitely in full swing, and thoughts easily turn to summer vacation.  What do you do differently, what habits do you create or how do you re-organize your thoughts and routines for the current season?  I bought tomato juice.
I don't know when it happened or how or why, but tomato juice became my go-to breakfast beverage of choice when on vacation.  Sure, for a mere 99 cents each, I could have this veggie concoction in my refrigerator all year long, yet it's been reserved as a special treat, to be enjoyed thoroughly only while on vacation.
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